"Helping you create your own Love Story"

"Picture this Perfect"

The "Legacy of Love" Marriage and

Relationship Seminar


How to have a love so strong that

only death can separate you.


Joseph and Adriana Brooks had a

relationship that many envied and

desired to immulate, a relationship

that brought them through tumultuous

circumstances such as poverty, sickness,

racism and the issues that come with

raising 5 children.


One bond held them together through everything they faced and that bond was love.


Joseph and Adriana loved each other deeply until she went home to be with the Lord, on 1/11/20, Joseph still uses his wife's picture because theirs was the picture of what love should looks like, its color blind.


Joseph and Adriana had planned to share their story, along with practical advice to help marriages and relationships avoid becoming a part of the growing trend of divorce and separation.


This seminar is for men and women who are married, in a relationship and singles with the hopes of getting married one day.


Even If you have a great relationship, learn how to keep your marriage and relationship fresh and growing, you will be inspired, motivated and experience Joy! as Joseph shares he and his wife's "Love Story" then gives you the tools that you need to create your own "Love Story."

What will you learn:

  • Love and Honor

  • How to your spouse the honor and respect that they deserve.

  • How to Establish and prioritize a foundation of love that will last, til death do you part.

  • Communication in relationships.

For better or for worse.

  • What happens after the honeymoon is over?

  • How to handle adversity together?

  • How to deal with issues that threaten your marriage and relationship such as cheating and addiction.

For Richer or Poorer

  • How to stay focused on each other through the prosperous times.

  • How to Love and grow stronger during the hard financial Times.

In Sickness and in Health

  • How to keep a consistent love for a spouse who is battling illness.

  • Til death do us part.

  • How to cope with life after the Loss of a Spouse.

  • How to go on after the Loss of a Spouse through death or separation.


      Sex in relationships!

     *Men and Women's Obligation in the bedroom.






Groups of (4-6) 


Private couple sessions

with Joseph Brooks



Private Sessions Include:


(3) 1 HR sessions of couples or Singles coaching.

Date: Saturday | 5/09/20
Time: 10am-1pm
Location: Moade Center
305 E Ramsey Rd, San Antonio, TX 78216
Childcare is not provided.

No refunds for this event. (no fee will be assessed if canceled within 48 hours of purchase).

Please email Josephbrooks50@yahoo.com for all refund/cancellation requests.


If you have further questions about the seminar please email event JosephBrooks50@yahoo.com Thank you!


A percentage of funds will go to the "Legacy of Love" Scholarship fund.

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